Here's the convention center as we drove in for the 3rd day of Comic-Con!

Open for business!

Eddie Perkins (atomicpanda) and me!

Kei Acedera and me!

Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson and me!

Dean Yeagle!

Bill Presing!

Stephane Kardos!

Here's a shot of the crowds elsewhere in the building!

This shows you how crowded all of the aisles were on Saturday!

Turnham hard at work selling prints!

Both of us filling orders!

Steve Lambe, me, Chris, and Jeremiah Alcorn!

Wonder Woman buying a Minerva print!

Frank Espinosa!

Cool part of the convention center!

Me and Chris with Ragnar!

Chris with Link!

Two nice girls with their prints!

Me and Scott Morse!

Me and Jeff Pidgeon!

Ted Mathot (tsm)!

This is an italian restaurant we ate at twice during the trip because that's just how adventurous we are!

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