This was on Wednesday afternoon when everybody was just starting to move all their stuff into the exhibit hall!

Me and Turnham setting up the booth. It required a lot of intricate knot-tying which I was completely incompetent at!

The finished booth loaded up with prints!

Here we are interacting with some interested shoppers! Thursday was a little slow, but fun!

Megan Brain, Shannon Tindle, Turnham and me!

Robin Mitchell (pepe) and me!

Genndy Tartakovsky!

Marty M. (PaintMonster) and me!

Rodolphe Guenoden (rodguen)!

Turnham sneakin some lunch!

Interested people checking out the prints while I supervise!

Turnham hiding suspiciously behind the prints!

Elizabeth Ito!

Turnham takes the helm!

These crowds of people came and went in spurts!

One mean-looking lady!

Two nice pirate girls who bought a boathouse print!


Justin and Josh Parpan with me and Chris!

Giant masses of people leaving after the second day of the con!

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