i think these gorgeous girls were for prince of persia???? sweet!!!!

hulk chicks were total babes!!!!!

these ladies were smokin and they had human ears for necklaces.

saint's row chicks were cool, they were much more diverse than the other girls.

holy crap thq girls were hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

gizmondo had some lovely women but their system was a piece of junk!

two young ladies who got lost on their way to volleyball practice.

aric with a very cute game infinity girl.

all of the girls were very professional, never too busy to help a lost e3-goer. not even if their costumes were falling off!

these cat women were some of the most popular which is i think why they look so tired here.

more gizmondo babes. they obviously needed lots of eye candy to get people anywhere near their terrible games.

classy company of heroes ladies!

this thq girl was very sweet!

this jerk walked right in front of my picture!!!! i think he is completely obscuring like 5 people.