We found this cool window in Emeryville.

Wow, Pixar! The big time!

Our awesome Pixar hosts - Don Shank and Lou Romano!

Taking a moment to reflect outside.

Hanging with our Seattle chums Dev, Karin, and Augie at their cool "Saturday Morning" gallery show!

The Concourse Hall was a pretty neat space to hold the convention.

Chris and I getting the table all set up.

Our brand new Fleet Street book which we hadn't even seen until the day before!

I don't remember what Steven Silver said to me that made me make that face.

Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books giving us "the serious eye".

Customer service, the Fleet Street way!

"Are these prints watercolor?"

Sky cam!

Ken, Jen, and Elizabeth!

All around nice-guy Kazu Kibuishi comes over for a chat!

Customers thumbing through our book!

The upper section of the exhibit hall.


Talented brother and sister, Alex and Wednesday Kirwan!

Two tight bros, Scott Campbell and Raz!

This awesome monster was terrorizing the convention!

Lou Romano about to fall victim to the monster's furious claws!

Sellin' stuff!

"Every time someone buys a book we should punch them in the face!"

Power hug!

Wheelin' and dealin'!

Tearing open another box of books!

Chris peeping from out behind the books!

Capital "A" hug!

Elizabeth drinkin' java, gangsta style!

Hiding from our customers!

We went to the opening at Gallery 1988... hey wait a sec! Where's the art? All I see is people!

Oh wait, there's some art! I heard there was more somewhere but I wasn't able to find it.

We got sick of the crowd at the gallery and went out to dinner with friends!

APE was terrific, and here's a bunch of people that made it rock:

Lou Romano
Don Shank
Ted Mathot
Ronnie Del Carmen
Bill Presing
Kazu Kibuishi
Amy Kim Ganter
Chris Appelhans
Patrick Morgan
Karin Yamigawa Madan
Dev Madan
Augie Pagan
Vera Brosgol
Scott Campbell

Also, thanks to Transcontinental for finishing our book just in time!